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LightModApk ( is concerned with innovation that is protected by others. If you are of the opinion that your work was copied in a way that is copyright encroachment and is accessible to scrutiny on this website we can inform our copyright expert, as is the case with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA).

To make your complaint legal under DMCA it is necessary to provide the information in an acknowledgment of the claimed copyright infringement:

A physical or electronic mark of an individual approved to follow up for the copyright proprietor Identification of the protected work professed to have been encroachedDistinguishing proof of the material that is professed to encroach or to be the subject of the encroaching action and that will be eliminated
The information is adequate for the specialist cooperative to reach the aggrieved party, For example, an address, a phone number, and, if available an electronic mail address
A statement that states that the party who is causing the rumbling “sincerely acknowledges that the use of materials in the manner complained about isn’t authorized by the owner of the copyright the representative of the owner or the regulations”
An explanation of the “data contained in this notice are precise” and “under the penalty of evasion the whining party has been allowed to pursue benefits to the owner of a specific right which is claimed to be overrun”
The above data should be submitted as a message notice to: [email protected]

We warn you that under Federal Law if are aware that you have misrepresented the fact that a website’s content is infringement-inducing, you could be subject to severe civil Penalties. These include damages for financial loss in the form of court costs, court costs, and ATTORNEYS’ Fees incurred by the US and/or any copyright OWNER or COPYRIGHT OWNER’S LICENSEE injured as a result of OUR Relying on your false representations. You could also be subject to prosecution in criminal court for wrongful conduct.

This information should not be considered to be legitimate counsel. For additional details regarding the information expected to be used in large DMCA notices, refer to 17 U.S.C. 512(c)(3).