Microsoft Word Mod APK

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Microsoft Word Mod APK supports reading, writing, and editing documents. There are several advantages in the application that you can utilize to make the world’s best document ever. It is suitable for all users, don’t matter how to use it. Even a beginner can also run the application perfectly. Similarly, you can convert that document into PDF format without any investment.

Info Of Microsoft Word Mod APK

NameMicrosoft Word
Updated onOct 13, 2022

Requires Android5.0 and up

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Nevertheless, it offers several premium features, such as converting documents into PDFs and offering templates. The templates include letters, resume, invitation letter, posters, work, plan, and schedule. You can start writing on documents using unique templates such as flowers, Nature style, light violet, online business, and simple green leaves.

Reading Office Files

You can read all the extensions such as TXT, ZIP, Doc. and . ODT files. It doesn’t matter whether files are created on Android phones or laptops. In addition, you don’t need to connect internet, stay offline, and read all files. Secondly, the customization of word files is not a tricky task. Use editing tools and do whatever you want. Immediately, use the editing tools and create word files or documentation. You can create resumes, cover letters, forms, and business documentation. Hence, use different tools and create resumes or CVs by yourself. MS Word MOD APK provides access to the documents in a comfortable manner. Open the document in reading mode and preview it.

MOD Features of WORD MOD APK

Word MOD APK reads all the documents such as reports, letters, research papers, and contracts. So, choose your integrated software using Cloud Computing Technology. Nevertheless, you can read all the documents using Microsoft Word Mod APK. Similarly, you can replace any word from the document by using the search and replace & option. Click on the top corner “Click to Find Commands” option and search for anything you want. Secondly, adjust word typesetting for perfect writing so that you can choose multiple options such as rearrange paragraphs, smart rearrange, split mode, delete, soft return to return, indent a paragraph, indent to space, and blank paragraph.

Formatting of Text & New Styles

Text formatting is another fantastic tool for MS Word Premium MOD APK. One can change the document’s writing style and add several styles, such as Normal Formatting, changed headings, and old clear format. All features of MS WordCoupled with one another. You can use several other features such as Text adjustment (Left, Right, Center), change line spacing, character scaling, sorting(alphabetical and numerical), set indentation, text shading, tabs, dialog boxes, position, and outside borders. Secondly, you can change the text formatting to create it boldly, underline, italic, square, superscript, subscript, and print the document.

Before printing the document, you can create a print view. Undoubtedly, Microsoft Word Mod APK creates a backup (an additional copy) of documents for future use. Secondly, convert the document into PDF, Picture to PDF, and encrypt the documents to save them from unauthorized persons. Instead, it offers the best ways of data recovery, file repair, and auto backup. Office 365 MOD APK is equivalent to Word 2007, containing all the editing features.

Insert Several Shapes

The insertion option contains cover pages, blank pages, break pages, add a table, and shapes. Significantly, you can add any picture to your documents, such as shapes, images, charts, bars, icons, and Word Art. Word Art has several shapes created by yourself; take a screenshot of that image. Generally, people feel difficulty using Word on their android phone or laptop. Furthermore, add page numbers on several pages to remember the heading is present on which page. Adjust header & footer, add watermarks, comment, adjust the date, and time, add text boxes, create links, auto drop caps, and add symbols and other mathematical symbols. You can adjust bookmarks and create forms according to your requirement.

Unbelievable Tools

The tools in APK Word make your work easier and more efficient. Without delay, create page layouts, and add references, reviews, and sections.

Page layout: Indicates the margin, effects, colors, themes, columns, size, line number, spaces, text decoration, page border, and alignment.

Review: It ensures you can check the document through the spell check tool to remove spelling and grammar mistakes.

View: It creates views such as reading view, web layout view, navigation pane, table gridline, task window, and other marvelous features.

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