Truecaller Premium APK

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Truecaller Premium Mod APK is a private massaging application, and it is efficient to detect scam calls or scam messages. Now you can track unwanted calls from unknown numbers because it can find the caller ID. In this way, it reduces the chance of scams among its users. It is becoming popular because it guarantees secure communication, and it has more than five hundred million downloads on the google play store. If you are facing trouble with unidentified; calls and you can get the advantage of this smart; application.

Info Of Truecaller Premium APK

NameTruecaller Premium
Updated on
Jun 9, 2022
Requires Android
5.0 and up

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Nowadays internet has made communication easy and made this world a global village. Governments all around the world are making sure internet access to every citizen. Many communication apps are available for android and IOS users; Like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Truecaller, etc. Each communication has usability and unique features that are according to end-user convenience. An application that is efficient for a specific society because of its features becomes common there. I will discuss the features; of Truecaller Premium in detail below.

Call record

Mostly, we need to remember our deals on phone calls for business purposes, and you can record business calls with this application, or sometimes we need to record call content for personal dealings. This app allows you to record calls from everywhere, and you don’t need any separate app to record these calls. It gives the option to record while we are calling anybody. In this way, you can save conversations, and you will not forget any deal.

No Ads

Almost premium versions contain this key feature because users do not want to watch pop-up ads. This premium version also gives you this feature, and because this is an unlocked version you don’t need to pay for it. So you will not feel disturbed with this app; we have unbaled ads on it.

Truecaller Premium Mod APK

Smart messaging

Daily wise we receive a lot of telemarketing messages which are mostly not of our interest. Most of us don’t want to see these messages. Another big problem is that we are most confused about messages from unknown numbers, and usually, we try to guess the person. Sometimes we have to face spam messages. Truecaller eliminates all these problems because it blocks all spam and telemarketing messages automatically. Moreover, it detects SMS from an unknown person, and you can “block” the unwanted person by name or number series.

Dual sim support

Almost all android smartphones offer dual SIM support, and most users use dual SIM for office work or business purposes. And most massaging applications do not support dual SIM, and you need to install a separate application on each number. But Truecaller is an elegant application that supports dual SIM and performs its functions on both. This feature enhances the usability of this application.


What are Access permissions for Truecaller Premium Mod APK?

The following are the access permissions:

  • Contacts
  • Read and write call logs
  • Location
  • Uses microphone to record audio
  • Location
  • Device ID and information
  • Camera
  • WIFI connections information

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