YouTube Pink

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YouTube Pink APK is not available for particular users or regions. When you think about APK files, these are packages used for Android devices. The folder of APK folder contains all necessary files used for installation. The whole installation of APK files, if any APK file is missing from the folder installation error occurs. In this case, you need to download it again for a successful installation.

Info Of YouTube Pink

NameYouTube Pink
Updated onOct 24, 2022
Requires Android4.0 and up

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Who developed Pink YouTube Mod APK?

Pink YouTube APK Download is similar to YouTube, but it has advanced-level features. Steve Chen, Jawad Karim, and Chad Hurley introduced Pink YouTube on Feb 15, 2005. These were the employees of American Company that depends upon e-commerce activities. Developers add a new feature to watch Ads-free videos. The latest version blocks ads during video playing, but it is not available on the play store.

YouTube Pink APK Themes

Pink YouTube’s latest update offers high-quality multi-color themes. These themes allow you to change, reduce, update, and resize profile pictures. Renaming a profile is prohibited on YouTube, but you can change it using this app. People use the Pink YouTube APK upgraded features to buy it at a lower price.

Adorable Features of Pink YouTube APK V16.38.39

 Background Videos

Sometimes, people feel burdened to use a single application on mobile devices. They need some entertainment and want to use multiple applications at a time. For Example, users want to use Whatsapp for massaging, plus YouTube to hear music. In this case, some multi-application systems should be there to handle such problems. But, Pink YouTube APK allows its lovers to use multiple background applications.

Without Extensions

Some devices need extensions to install on Android devices. But, YouTube Pink App Download For Android is a full-featured application that does not wants extensions for Android devices. Extensions are files that help to install any application successfully.

24/7 Availability

You can search, watch videos, download, save, and publish them. There are no restrictions to using the application 24/7. Sometimes, it becomes free & Paid for users to watch updated videos with full features.

Daily Updates

Daily up-gradation is an advanced feature that provides awareness of the world’s current situations. The up-gradation needs for Pink YouTube for better response.

High Security

Lack of security is a big issue among different applications and users. But, Pink YouTube brings high security for users. It can hide your personal information from unauthorized persons.

 Occupy Less Space

As it is an advanced version of YouTube, the space occupation capacity is low. It occupies less space from the memory to store downloaded or saved videos.

Use without restarting Android Device

Some applications need to root your device before using the application. It happens because some applications need high power to install. It is a lightweight application so, no need to restart Android Device before installation.

 Ads Blocker & No Interruption

People feel disturbance due to Ads, during video playing Ads appear more than once. So, they create disturbance in video playing. YouTube Pink ads blocker doesn’t allow ads during watching the videos.

Paid & Free Cost

Both paid and free-cost versions are available on the internet. Paid versions have some extra features like download status for WhatsApp, Instagram stories, etc.

Ultimate theme options

Instead of using only one theme all the time, you can change themes according to your environment and choice.

Expressive Interface

Its Pink interface and themes attract more users. Moreover, many girls are attracted to it because its pink theme looks very bright.


Device Synchronization

Synchronization is a process where you can play your video back where you left it.

Zoom Out Videos

Zooming out is one of the most entertaining features. While watching any video, you can zoom in. In this way, you can see hidden items in videos, movies, and dramas.

HD Resolution

HD quality resolution helps you to enhance video quality to an extreme level. You can change the quality according to the internet connection.

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